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Our product is named as SMARTAX system, which also has a POS to mobile applications (Apps) communication function for VAT collection monitoring and real-time information reporting.

Collect Tax
SMARTAX system is not only prevents
merchants’ VAT fraud
EECOMM standardize systems designed for digitization and informatization of the tax collection process with secure value-added tax collection solutions to improve the speed and efficiency during the tax collection and administration.
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Core Value

  • 01 Guaranteed Fraud-free
  • 02 Low Investment
  • 03 Fully Controllable
  • 04 High Precision
  • 05 Rapid Deployment
  • 06 User Friendliness

Reliable Solution For Tax Fraud Problem

We Added Tax (VAT) & Goods and Sales Tax (GST) are vulnerable to evasion and fraud, there are many ways in which these taxes can be evaded or fraudulently exploited but with EECOMM most advanced value-added tax collection methods, including real-time monitoring and a legal sales certification system the tax fraud problems can be solved once and for all.


An AI and ML Central Monitoring System (CMS) with real-time monitoring of VAT activities. The system will provide complete data and statistics to the tax bureau through many functions.

AIVAT® System

A data analytical system that gathered tax related data for analysis to forecast the trend of the national economy growth.

Data-Driven Decision

Based on smart data-driven decisions, the tax bureau is able to use powerful analysis and actionable insights to support the future development of the government projects.